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We sell heat transfer vinyl to clients in the Amarillo & Canyon, TX area

There's no need to search far and wide for heat transfer vinyl. Magic Vinyl offers top-quality iron-on vinyl for sale right here in Amarillo, TX. We carry HTV vinyl in a variety of patterns and colors.

Our vinyl is perfect for:

Shirts | PantsĀ | Hoodies | Onesies | Jackets

Our plain, glitter and patterned vinyl comes in 12-by-20-inch sheets. Call 806-677-8976 today to purchase heat transfer vinyl.

Choose a preferred crafting company

Choose a preferred crafting company

Before you start on your next crafting project, make sure you stock up on high-quality vinyl from Magic Vinyl. We offer iron-on vinyl for sale in more than 50 colors.

Need to order shirts for your next creation? We also sell white, grey and black t-shirts in sizes small through XXXL. Place your order for heat transfer vinyl today. We serve clients in Amarillo, TX and surrounding areas.


    Plain Htv Colors

    • Black, White, Gray,Mist Gray,Silver
    • Brown,Beige
    • Gold
    • Yellow,Light Yellow,Neon Yellow,Sun Yellow,Golden Yellow
    • Orange,Neon Orange,Pastel Orange,Pumpkin Orange,Texas Orange
    • Red,Maroon,Fuchsia
    • Pink,Light Pink,DarkPink,Neon Pink,Pastel Pink,Coral,Salmon
    • Rose Gold
    • Purple,Dark Purple,Violet,Lavender
    • Blue,Light Blue,Sky blue,Royal Blue,Navy,Neon Blue,Pastel Blue,Baby Blue
    • Turquoise,Aqua,Dark Aqua
    • Green,Green Apple,Dark Green,Hunter Green,Grinch Green,Sea Green,Neon Green,Pastel Green,Mint Green

    Glitter Htv Colors

    • Black, White,Rainbow White,Silver,Brown,Gold
    • Orange, Texas Orange,Copper
    • Red,Cherry,Fuchsia
    • Pink,Neon Rainbow Pink,
    • Rose Gold
    • Purple, Dark Purple
    • Blue,Royal Blue, Jade,Ocean Blue,Rainbow Blue
    • Halo Green,Green

    Pattern Htv

    (Animal Print)

    • Silver Zebra,Pink Zebra
    • Wild
    • Snake
    • Panther,Jaguar,Bobcat,
    • Cheetah,Silver Cheetah,Golden Cheetah,
    • Silver Leopard,Bronze Leopard,Snow Leopard,Baby Snow Leopard,Baby Leopard

    • Army Camo,Air Force Camo,Clear Air Force Camo,Swamp Camo,Pink Camo,Forest Camo,Toy Story Camo,Clear Navy Camo

    • Pink Rose,Golden Rose,Silver Rose,Black Penny,Blue Penny

    (Rainbow colors)
    • Rainbow,Groovy Rainbow

    • Red & Black Plaid